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Dr. Mohamad HassanDr. Mohamad Hassan – As a pediatrician and an ER physician, I truly believe that many emergencies can be easily avoided by a good and constant patient’s care at your local pediatrician office.

That is why at The Children’s Center of Corpus Christi we value preventative care as well as treating you child sickness without any delay.

Same day appointment, being available on the phone after hours and during the weekends 24/7 to answer all your kids health concern, is your right as a patient of us.

Over the past 20 years of my practice as a physician, I had the opportunity to work at many different locations with a variety group of people in United State and around the world. I learned that different ethnic group, communities, and even individual differs from each other in responding to therapy, medications and diseases. That had a huge impact of the way I practice medicine and they way we treat patients at the Children’s Center of Corpus Christi with its 2 locations. We keep up to date with the latest medical discoveries and researches supported by evidence based medicine. However, we take into consideration that each of our patients is unique .

We had developed a nationally recognized protocols to do the best we can for our patient’s population. starting with our ADHD protocol where we make sure we get a constant and frequent input about our patient’s improvement, not only from the parents but also from school and friends, we make sure each patient is taking the minimal amount of medication that will give him the best result, we monitor side effects and act promptly if it occur.

This is the same with our Asthma, Allergy protocol and out fight against obesity and Mental illnesses. We promote good health habits and try to detect diseases in early stages and we make sure our patient get the necessary referral fast.

We are breast feeding advocates, we understand how hard is to raise a child and work at the same time, so we extended our hours to 8 pm on Tuesday and Thursday so we can give a chance to working parents to visit us without having to take a time off from work and duty.

Our goal and mission is to do the best for your child, from birth to graduation.

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2120 Baldwin Blvd. Corpus Christi, TX 78405
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1504 Waldron Road, Corpus Christi, TX 78418
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